What do you do with those leftover tortilla chip pieces at the bottom of the bag? They may be too small to hold much guacamole, but those little migas—tortilla chip crumbs—are great scrambled in eggs, says kaleokahu. “Add cheese, diced onion, tomato, jalapeño,” suggests Veggo, while others use them as a thickener for chili.

“I use them for chilaquiles—tortillas softened with a cooked salsa and cheese (meat, beans, and eggs optional),” says paulj. “However, I prefer unsalted chips for this purpose, so I have better control over the saltiness of the final product.”

“This is kind of trashy, but I mix leftover chips into a ripe, smashed avocado and stuff ’em in my mouth,” says Eat.Choui. Other Chowhounds just pour the crumbs directly from bag to mouth. “That’s the BEST part about eating a bag of chips (any kind),” says ipsedixit. “The last bit of crumbs that you get to ‘beer bong’ into your mouth is the ultimate sodium-induced adrenaline rush.”

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