Home sushi-makers, take note: Sakanaya (literally “fish market” in kanji) has fish that are making scotty27 tremble with joy. “Absolutely the best I’ve seen on the East Coast, bar none. I was in Tokyo yesterday. This guy? This guy rocks.”

There’s bluefin, bigeye, and albacore tuna; there’s sushi-grade hamachi (a.k.a. yellowtail, a.k.a. buri). It’s way pricey: $80 a pound for bluefin toro. But “I bought $18 worth, which due to its richness was more than enough for two people when served with vegetables and fried tofu,” says scotty.

The house-made sushi and sashimi is a slightly more economical snack, at about $4 for eight “delicious” pieces, says scotty.

Sakanaya [Allston]
75 Linden Street, Boston

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