Shut Up About El Taco’s Enchiladas Already!

The chicken enchiladas at El Taco are "superb," says HoundDogz. "They are, to put it bluntly, beyond good. They are great and beyond that... I kept on thinking about these enchiladas after I finished and was driving home. My wife had to have an earful about the enchiladas because I would not stop talking."

Chicken enchiladas are in a light red sauce. Beef enchiladas, also fabulous, come in a heavier red sauce. Both are excellent, but if push comes to shove, go for the chicken, says HoundDogz.

El Taco was founded by the same person who founded Taco Bell. A piece of history, my friends.

El Taco [710 Corridor]
7665 Firestone Boulevard, Downey

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