Scallop coral, the tasty roe that occurs naturally in a scallop along with the familiar muscle meat, is usually missing from scallops available in the United States. Why is this? “The coral is highly perishable and deteriorates much more quickly than the scallop muscle itself,” says MakingSense. “It’s not practical for shipping and handling through the wholesale process.”

Chowhounds have some luck getting fresh scallops with their coral still attached as sashimi at Japanese restaurants, or at Japanese markets. “I personally love the coral of scallops and it’s so sad that you can’t get it in the U.S.,” says kobetobiko. “Occasionally I can find whole scallops in shells or the corals as sashimi, but only very rarely, and usually come with a high price.” kobetobiko has even had a dish in England that featured nothing but a plate of corals. “It’s a wonderful dish,” says kobetobiko.

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