While fried mozzarella sticks are a common appetizer throughout the United States, unfrostedpoptart has rarely seen them the way they’re served in upstate New York: with a choice of marinara … or raspberry sauce. “I’ve been in Southern California for about 20 years,” says unfrostedpoptart. “I told my wife and daughter (both SoCal natives) about this and they thought I was nuts. On a trip through Troy a few years ago, they tried them and thought they were great! How do I spread the news?”

The mild flavor of mozzarella goes well with either sweet or savory, says scunge, just like the ricotta it’s made from. kchurchill5 has seen mozzarella sticks offered with a tangy orange sauce in Florida. “Now I make my own fried mozzarella with orange sauce,” says kchurchill5. “I use orange and mango, and use pecans in the breading.”

“I have seen jalapeño poppers with raspberry sauce in the frozen food section of Smart & Final,” says torty. “Don’t recall the brand, but that leads me to believe it is pretty common.”

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