There is almost universal Chowhound love for both locations of Skaf’s Grill and their Lebanese-Armenian fare. “I ate at Skaf’s four times a week for two years. I have flown back from Berkeley to eat at Skaf’s. I looooooooooove Skaf’s,” says Das Ubergeek. And “the father and son who own it are always very friendly and warm,” says delishdonna.

Cabbage salad is “simply out of this world,” says noshie. “Who knew just shredded cabbage, tomato and some magical dressing could taste so good?” Chowhounds also recommend ordering the juicy chicken kebabs served with a potent garlic sauce, the kefta (ground meat) kebabs, fatoush salad, lentil soup, and the lamb kebabs (though they tend to come out a little well done). Order them “pink,” suggests sel, and they come out just about perfectly for lovers of rare lamb.

The potatoes that come with the lemon chicken are outstanding, says delishdonna. The falafel is also very good: moist on the inside and crisp on the outside. “This is a place where they really take pride in their food,” delishdonna says.

But you may just want to stick to ordering the daily specials, which are “absolutely stunningly good,” says Das Ubergeek. “The baked kibbeh and the lemon chicken and the baked kafta waft through my dreams.” Any specials that involve vegetables stuffed with meat are also favored. One final note: Your editor, Thi N., loves Skaf’s raw beef kibbeh. It’s one of the very best raw beef dishes in LA. There is love both for the original Skaf’s, in North Hollywood, and “the more ambiance-enabled, easier-parking Glendale version,” as Das Ubergeek describes it.

Skaf’s Grill [San Fernando Valley – East]
6008 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, North Hollywood

Skaf’s Grill [San Fernando Valley – East]
367 N. Chevy Chase Drive, Glendale

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