Seriously good tamales have turned up at Tortilleria Nixtamal in Corona. The difference here, Chowhounds report, is that the corn masa is freshly made—a rare practice in New York, where almost all Mexican places use the dried stuff.

The fresh masa de nixtamal is for sale at the shop, but most hounds have been savoring it on the spot in the form of tamales. corgi describes them as traditional in style “but way meatier and nice and spicy.” SpiceJunkies loves the red pork filling with its wallop of pasilla chile. There’s also pozole; a hearty bowl, with a tamale and a drink, is just $6.

The friendly owner has big plans and artisanal ambitions; “she has a great attitude about the business,” SpiceJunkies writes. “They are going to expand from just tortillas and tamales to a full-blown taqueria that will focus on authentic and organic/local ingredients.”

Elsewhere in Queens, hounds have sniffed out superior tamales from a street vendor. She can be found in the mornings, peddling her wares from a cart outside the Grand Avenue–Newtown subway station in Elmhurst. “I’ve had tamales from vendors all over the city, and hers are the BEST!!!” declares julia_z. “Her tamales are melt-in-your-mouth, and the spicy ones are SPICY!”

Choices, all $1.50 apiece, include pork, chicken, and julia’s favorite: dense cheese, spiked with chunks of jalapeño, in “a fluffy corn masa that’s to die for.” Go early—she sells out fast, sometimes by 10 a.m. “It’s worth getting up for, I promise!” julia writes.

Tortilleria Nixtamal [Corona]
104-05 47th Avenue (at 104th Street), Corona, Queens

Tamale vendor [Elmhurst]
Broadway between Justice Avenue and Queens Boulevard, Elmhurst, Queens
No phone available

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