Rhea’s Deli, a corner liquor store/deli, has a tasty cross-cultural offering: Korean steak sandwich. “A good pile of marinated rib-eye, sliced thin, tender, served on an Acme roll, with choice of cheese, chile garlic sauce, house-pickled red onions and jalapeños, grilled onions, fresh red onions, iceberg lettuce, and garlic aioli,” says mariacarmen. “It’s delicious—juicy, tasty, messy, big.” It’s just not as spicy as advertised (by the counter guy), she says.

The same steak is also available in tacos. Plus, the store does panini on Tartine country loaf. How SF is that? Look out for the owner’s mom’s homemade kimchee.

Rhea’s Deli [Mission]
800 Valencia Street, San Francisco

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