Celery root, also known as celeriac, is a starchy root vegetable with a mild celery flavor that’s great cooked or sliced raw for salads.

piccola roasts cubes of celery root with halved Brussels sprouts and rosemary, then tosses it all with lemon juice, toasted walnut oil, and coarse black pepper. corneygirl adds it to stews and vegetable soup. “I just add it whenever I add the potatoes,” she says. “It’s kind of fun when you don’t know if you get a potato or celeriac.”

Hounds love celery root and potatoes together in gratins or mashed. chefathome boils the two together with garlic cloves, then mashes with cream and butter. Becca Porter sautés celery root and potatoes in butter, braises them in broth, and mashes.

Celery root makes great creamed soups. magnolia makes a three-celery soup that she says is “real winter comfort food.” Simmer celery root, celery, and celery seeds in chicken stock with a bit of butter, a bay leaf, and onion until quite tender. Remove the bay leaf, purée the soup, and finish with cream and salt and pepper to taste. CHOW’s Celery Root Soup includes potato and apple.

“My favorite is a salad that seems like too many flavors, but I’ve served it to different groups with good success,” says Madrid. Combine equal amounts of grated celery root and grated unpeeled tart green apple with toasted pecans or walnuts, roasted green beans, arugula or watercress; dress with lots of mustard, sherry vinegar, olive or walnut or almond oil, a bit of salt, and lots of ground pepper. Top with blue cheese chunks.

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