“It has always been my understanding that sushi is supposed to be eaten in one bite,” says Astur. “Take whole item and put whole item in mouth, chew, swallow.” But what do you do with those giant rolls where the pieces are half the size of your face? “I have been running into a bit of a problem with finding HUGE veggie maki,” says Astur. “I finally ran into the worst offenders on a recent trip to San Francisco and one of the pieces that I tried was so long that it hit the back of my throat and I started choking, hard.

“So, what do I do? Is there a way to eat it in two bites? How do you do it with chopsticks? How do you keep it from falling apart?” wonders Astur.

“Don’t you hate that?” says onceadaylily. “We usually order a few specialty rolls that are altogether too busy. If the roll has ingredients that are easily bitten through, then I use the chopsticks (I put the half-bite down onto the plate as I eat, and then use the chopsticks to close it a bit more tightly before I pick it back up). But I have found that it is usually *more* graceful to just use my fingers, especially if eating something that has a bit more ‘chew’ to it,” says onceadaylily. “Ask the chef to cut it into bite size pieces,” advises paulj.

“Using your hands is perfectly acceptable, so if that’s easier for you than chopsticks it’s fine, and just eat it in two bites,” says goodhealthgourmet. “I do it all the time with large pieces, and the sushi police have never come after me.”

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