Raff’s Catering and Banquet is way hidden. It’s in the old Lili’s Cuban Buffet space in the Albertson’s shopping center, invisible from the street, tucked into the strip of shops at the back of the lot. All the sign says is “Catering and Banquet.” At the end of the building, there’s a takeout counter.

A $12 combo plate is a huge amount of food—when RoxyGrl unpacked one order, it easily filled two full-sized dinner plates. And it’s delicious—with three kinds of kebabs, tabbouleh, hummus, charred veggies, garlic sauce, pickled vegetables, grilled onions, pita, and a big old pile of rice. “There was about a 10-15 minute wait for my order but it was clear that the time was spent preparing the meal as it was very fresh, well seasoned and the meat wasn’t the slightest bit dry.”

Unfortunately, on RoxyGrl’s visit, the place was empty. Hounds: Keep it alive.

Raff’s Catering and Banquet [San Gabriel Valley]
3887 East Sierra Madre Boulevard, Pasadena

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