Here are some ideas for cooking with freshly picked crabmeat beyond the obvious choice of crab cakes.

Variations on crab salad: crab Louis with avocado; crab salad stuffed in avocado or tomato halves; crab dressed with vinaigrette, served over greens.

Crab au gratin (mix crab with white sauce, minced shallots, a bit of parsley, and good quality white cheese like fontina, and bake or broil).

Crabmeat rolled in crepes and laid in a pan, topped with tomato sauce flavored with cloves (a dish Pitu discovered in Martinique).

Cook a full head’s worth of minced garlic slowly in plenty of butter. Stir in crabmeat until heated, and serve with fresh sourdough (toodie jane).

Make a cheese sauce, stir in crab, and use the mixture to fill phyllo dough triangles (fl bob).

Anya L recommends recipes for crabby Carolina rice, crab quiche, and crab imperial.

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