A lot of Chowhounds struggle to find Thai food in Los Angeles. So many of the great spots are concentrated in Thaitown in East Hollywood. Which is why every good Thai place found outside of Thaitown is cause for celebration. Will Owen brings us Daisy Mint. The food “does take its own sweet time coming out … but the results when they arrive immediately prove to be well worth the wait, and then some.”

All the food is fresh and good, but best of all is green jungle curry. It “proves to be the most heavenly-delicious Thai dish I’ve ever put in my mouth—rich, complex, just spicy enough,” says Will Owen. Other recommended dishes: kimchee fried rice, eggplant salad, pumpkin panang curry, and waterfall pork (grilled pork on a bed of greens, with genuinely spicy lime).

It’s a small place, but it feels cozy rather than cramped. There are regulars, all sorts of people, all happy. “It’s been a long time since we’ve felt so immediately at home, especially in a restaurant new to us,” says Will Owen.

Daisy Mint [San Gabriel Valley]
1218 E. Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena

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