WineAG raves about T.W. Food, saying: “There’s something special happening at this small place in Cambridge,” and “The quality and finesse of the best dishes are staggeringly good.” WineAG was particularly impressed by the winter boudin, stuffed with veal and pork and served with cranberry beans and chard, as well as the barley risotto, with gorgonzola, local onions, and blood orange-glazed turnips, a dish WineAG says could easily fit in on a three-star menu, and was a bargain at only $11. “I knew that chef Tim Wiechmann was the real deal,” WineAG reports. The prices were nice too: $39 per person for a three-course prix fixe. WineAG liked the food so much that he plans on returning for the $69 seven-course option.

Not everyone is as thrilled with T.W. Food. purple bot calls it “precious” and “staid,” while Kelly001 complains: “Almost every dish was ultimately lacking in flavor. They were all well seasoned but the main ingredients’ flavors were mostly absent or underrepresented and at times just heavy with butter.”

Particularly contentious is T.W. Food’s “scotch & cigars” dessert, a very weird-sounding dark chocolate mousse with tobacco-infused crème anglaise and aged single-malt syrup. jamaicaplain says it’s outstanding: “The balance of the tobacco flavor in the crème anglaise was perfect, the scotch syrup was fascinating and balanced, and the chocolate mousse was excellent.” rufustfi disagreed, saying that the dessert had the “consistency of play-dough and even less flavor.”

And so the argument rages on. Is the food blah, flavorless, and too expensive? Or is it divine, balanced, and well-priced?

T.W. Food [West Cambridge]
377 Walden Street, Cambridge

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