Make Your Own Potato Tots

"Haute tots"? Yes, believe it. The starchy, pellet-shaped miniature hash browns you remember from the school lunch line are showing up on the menus of fancy restaurants and bars. Make your own using one of the four recipes developed by CHOW's test kitchen. Oh, and since the product known as Tater Tots is actually trademarked, we had to find a new name. Our Twitter followers proffered such gems as "redneck fritters" and "spud puppies." In the end, we just went with "potato tots," because we wanted to save the creativity for the dipping sauces.

Basic Potato Tot curry ketchup

Basic Potato Tots with Curried Ketchup

Indian Potato Tot cucumber sauce

Indian-Spiced Potato Tots with
Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce

Cheesy Potato Tots with
Basic Chicken Gravy

Potato Tots Brava basic aiolibrava sauce

Potato Tots Bravas with
Basic Aioli and Brava Sauce

Amy Wisniewski is the former food editor at Chowhound.

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