The hybrid cuisine created by Koreans who resettled in China’s Jilin Province surfaced last summer at Ri Fu in Flushing. Now comes word of Minzhongle, another restaurant that covers similar territory just a few blocks away.

Joey Deckle, who has thoroughly explored the place for Edible Queens, says one don’t-miss dish is crispy duck legs, or xiang son ya tui, salt-baked and served with seasoned salt. It’s “truly superb,” he promises, “crispy, fatty, and above all ducky!” He also recommends tea tree mushrooms (gan guo cha shu gu), stir-fried with ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, and chiles, and “Fried Popcorn with Egg Yolk Sauce” (dan huang yu mi): corn kernels and pine nuts in sweet batter. Alongside the regional specialties are more familiar Korean dishes like bibimbap and soft bean curd stew.

Be sure to check the picture menu on the wall as well as the printed menu, which is trilingual (English, Chinese, Korean) but may not be complete. Minzhongle has a prominent sign on the street but still isn’t the easiest place to find. Just go straight back past Kung Fu Tea, a phone-repair shop, and a clothing store, and you’re in Yilin.

Minzhongle [Flushing]
37-14 Main Street (between 37th and 38th avenues), Flushing, Queens

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