Marzano, a new Italian restaurant featuring a wood-fired oven, is the kind of neighborhood restaurant that makes you wish you lived in the neighborhood, says Absonot, who tried it shortly after it opened.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the restaurant is co-owned by John Hurley, who also co-owns Garibaldi’s.

Dinner can be chaotic, as the place has already caught on with locals and too many tables are crammed into the small space. The menu comprises 6 or 7 antipasti, 10 pizzas, 4 salads, and 3 entrées. JasmineG says the antipasto of roasted Mediterranean octopus with olives was her favorite out of an entirely delicious meal that also included crisp fried chestnut pumpkin arancini filled with fontina, prosciutto, and sage; crushed Yukon Gold potatoes with fried capers; roasted pumpkin with braised winter greens; and bianco pizza with prosciutto, wild arugula, and egg.

The quality of the food is just a notch below Pizzaiolo’s, JasmineG notes, but then so are the prices—none of the pizzas is more than $13. Rapini says the seafood pizza boasts a variety of seafood and is very good.

The restaurant also serves brunch, which features several breakfast pizzas, frittata, and panettone French toast. Absonot enjoyed a Bloody Mary; baked eggs al’arrabiata with polenta and kale; and bomboloni, the Italian jelly doughnut. Mornings may also be a better time to enjoy the restaurant’s rustic-elegant decor without the hassle of the evening crowds.

Marzano [East Bay]
4214 Park Boulevard, Oakland

Garibaldi’s [Pacific Heights]
347 Presidio Avenue, San Francisco

Garibaldi’s [East Bay]
5356 College Avenue, Oakland

Pizzaiolo [East Bay]
5008 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

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