As the post-holiday diet season approaches, Chowhounds’ thoughts turn to celery. “I’ve always thought that celery hors d’oeuvres were a waste of a party or holiday snack,” says rworange, who advises to “put that cream cheese or yellow cheese on a Ritz cracker [and] go whole hog calorie-wise instead of stuffing some mean little celery stick.” But “celery might be a good vehicle for filling with low-calorie foods,” allows rworange. “It takes awhile to chew, slowing down the meal or snack.”

“My Grandmother’s Christmas table always included olives, pickles and celery with peanut butter, some with cream cheese, and some with my all-time favorite, Cheese Whiz,” says Shann. “I still remember that fondly, even though its anything but Chowhoundish.” “I used to indulge in celery sticks with a dab of SPAM spread and pimento cheese,” says JungMann. “The healthiness of the celery seemed to balance out the saltiness of the SPAM and cheese.”

But don’t feel like your celery stuffings have to come from the 1970s. “How about a shellfish mousseline? It is so light and a nice contrast to the earthiness and crunch of the celery,” suggests chefathome.

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