The debut issue of culture—”the word on cheese”—has hit the stands. Among its features: a stellar profile (not online, sadly) of Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Bob Wills. Wills, who has a degree in law and a doctorate in economics, didn’t start making cheese until he was 34. Now Cedar Grove Cheese has become known for its collaboration with other master makers and its “Living Machine,” a 10-tank water-purification plant that uses plants, fish, insects, and bacteria to cleanse the plant’s waste water.

The magazine also features a well-thought-through cheese plate featuring Comté, Percorino di Moliterno with black truffle, and Brillat-Savarin among others, a food porn “centerfold” of Winnimere cheese and an interview (in Italian, but translated into English) with Ivano Bellodi, cheesemaker for the Guffanti Formaggi company.

How much cheese is too much? Certainly not one magazine issue’s worth, that’s for certain. I’ll post again on this topic in January of 2010, and announce how the topic’s held up.

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