A new Mission ice cream place, Humphry Slocombe, is pushing the envelope of ice cream, with flavors notable for their intensity and creaminess, says BP71. No plain vanilla here! “The selections are more off the wall than Bi-Rite,” says BP71, including Thai chile lime sorbet and balsamic caramel.

Melanie Wong describes the Thai chili lime sorbet as “nicely proportioned with just a little bit of burn, lime zest fragrance, and slight bitterness in the finish balances well to the sweetness.” Balsamic caramel is a salted caramel “with an intense lashing of zingy balsamic vinegar in a long lingering finish, softest texture, almost pulpy.” But peterme, a big fan of Bi-Rite’s salted caramel, thinks the balsamic is just too vinegary.

Blue Bottle Vietnamese coffee flavor lives up to its inspiration, says augustiner, with a very dense, creamy texture that’s offset by intense coffee flavor.

Hounds also liked the “secret breakfast” flavor, which combines candied cornflakes with bourbon-flavored ice cream for a boozy cereal-ish treat. The deeply flavored Valrhona fudgesicle has a slightly spicy aftertaste and velvety mouthfeel, says Melanie.

A single serving is $3.25, a pint $7.50. No sundaes yet, but when they arrive they’ll be $6. There are also Valrhona fudge brownies for $2.50 and housemade chocolate chip cookies for 75 cents.

Humphry Slocombe [Mission]
2790 Harrison Street, San Francisco

Bi-Rite Creamery [Mission]
3692 18th Street, San Francisco

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