Chowhounds are crazy for Australian food writer Jill Dupleix’s crash-hot potatoes, which are first boiled, then smashed flat and roasted with olive oil and herbs. “The outside is crispy, the inside is soft and steamy. Seriously delicious,” says beetlebug. Hounds love these potatoes as a side dish or a bed for stewy dishes like chili; they also like that it’s easy to cook as few or as many potatoes as needed for any given meal. “I made one crash potato a few days ago, threw a fried egg on it, and called it breakfast,” says small h. “It was excellent.”

Hounds have discovered some tricks to make the recipe work better. You can use small new potatoes, or cut larger potatoes in pieces, either before or after the first cooking step, but before smashing them flat. Many prefer to microwave the potatoes, rather than boil them. Some find that a potato masher—particularly the type with wider-set metal “tines”—doesn’t smash the potatoes well, and prefer to use a glass jar or heavy drinking glass. If the potatoes start to come apart when you smash them, though, “you can just smoosh all the potato shards together on the roasting pan and they seem to hold together once cooked,” says JoanN.

chowser uses the same technique on peeled and quartered sweet potatoes. “Those really flattened ends end up golden and crispy,” she says.

There’s also a less tangible benefit to this cooking method, says aching: “In addition to how delicious they are—the act of smooshing them is REALLY satisfying!”

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