Chocolate is a go-to favorite for rich, celebratory desserts, whether simply to cap a low-key dinner party or for a New Year’s Eve blowout. While some of hounds’ favorites are more complex to make, there are plenty of deceptively simple recipes that yield impressive results.

Flourless and almost-flourless chocolate cakes are always crowd-pleasers. This one is very forgiving, says wekick, who adds, “It is sort of a cross between fudge and cake.” David Lebovitz’s Racines cake “has cacao nibs on the top to give it a bit of crunch, and is divine,” says greedygirl.

Or instead of cake, change things up and make a tart. This dark chocolate truffle tart with hazelnut brittle is fabulous, says oakjoan; it’s a bit of work, “but totally worth it.” amy_wong likes chocolate linzertorte, made with hazelnuts.

If you don’t want over-the-top dark chocolate, consider pan au chocolat bread pudding with cranberries and chocolate sauce or molten chocolate cakes with mint fudge sauce; the latter is sweet enough to please milk-chocolate lovers, says biondanonima.

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