With enough hungry people and enough advance notice, you can get a whole barbecued pig at Wildwood Barbeque. And you really should, Ralphus urges. This swine travels in style: After 10 hours in the smoker, it’s laid out regally on a tray and paraded around the dining room—a spectacle that brought lusty cheers from Ralphus’s party of 18. The flavor is superb, he adds, and the accommodating carver “let us pick through all the good bits and the nasty bits.”

Starters and sides—fried jalapeños, cornbread, salad (salad?), creamed spinach, aged-cheddar macaroni and cheese, baked beans with bacon and burnt brisket ends—are all solid and a happy match for the ’cue. And everything will go down easy, Ralphus promises, with tidal quantities of Righteous Ale, a rye-based beer from Brooklyn’s Sixpoint brewery.

The only disappointment of his pork party was dessert: cold s’mores. Next time, LeahBaila suggests, get the banana pudding.

Wildwood Barbeque [Gramercy]
225 Park Avenue S. (between E. 18th and 19th streets), Manhattan

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