Riverpark, that hard-to-find Tom Colicchio/Sisha Ortuzar restaurant down by the East River at 29th Street, has pinned down two stars from the New York Times and lots of attention from Chowhounds these last two months. Hound RCC made a second visit, and continues to be impressed. He loved a Caesar salad, steak frites, and a clam bruschetta appetizer.

The restaurant is reputed to have a gorgeous view, and many folks have been itching to make the trek. Thanks to loratliff for pointing out that Riverpark will be on the list of restaurants participating in Restaurant Week from January 24 to February 6; reservations open January 15. No matter whether you’re pro or con Restaurant Week, it’s pretty tough to argue with a $24.07 prix fixe lunch and $35 prix fixe dinner. It’ll be interesting to see how many folks make the cold trip down to the water come the worst of winter.

Riverpark [Midtown East]
450 E. 29th Street, Manhattan

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