You had the best intentions for your holiday blowout: homemade gravy from homemade stock. But maybe it didn’t happen. A very good Plan B, MMRuth suggests, is Citarella. The upmarket fishmonger and grocer brews a fine gravy from turkey stock and giblets, with a dash of sherry and just enough fresh thyme. It’s $4.99 a pint.

sing me a bar, unmoved by Citarella’s gravy, thinks you’ll do a lot better at Blue Ribbon Bakery Market. But you’ll pay for it—$8 for a tiny container.

Eli’s is pricey, too, writes keving, but its gravy delivers the goods: “really excellent with perfect consistency and a real depth of flavor.”

Citarella [Upper East Side]
1313 Third Avenue (at E. 75th Street), Manhattan

Blue Ribbon Bakery Market [Greenwich Village]
14 Bedford Street (near Downing Street), Manhattan

Eli’s [Upper East Side]
1411 Third Avenue (at E. 80th Street), Manhattan

Board Link: Citarella’s Turkey Gravy

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