In its latest advertising ploy, Burger King is scouring the planet for humans who have never eaten a burger. It appears that BK execs have determined that Whopper virgins are the key to settling the age old question: Which is better, the Big Mac or the Whopper?

The commercial has been ridiculed by many as being contrived and culturally insensitive, but I think that the critics have gotten it all wrong.

First of all, if this were a real taste test, they would’ve compared the Whopper to its true equivalent, the Quarter Pounder, not the Big Mac.

Second, those native outfits seem a bit too new and shiny. Are we supposed to believe the “filmmakers” really searched out people who literally didn’t know how to pick up a hamburger?

Third, do we really expect people to have a preference or even care? I’m sure that both burgers tasted equally as bad.

The point is, this whole thing is as big of a spoof on documentary filmmaking as Borat. Be that as it may, the concept is entertaining, and there’s an entire minidocumentary that is full of footage of horrified taste testers. I hope the subjects were paid well.

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