In the land, or at least the neighborhood, of the Mission burrito, La Oaxaqueña’s fresh, tasty Oaxacan specialties are welcome indeed, hounds say.

Definitely go for a tlayuda, a giant grilled tortilla that comes smeared with rich refried beans, Oaxacan string cheese (quesillo), and your choice of meats, says SteveG. He had cecina (spicy pork), which was delicious. There’s also excellent salsa with an intriguing fruity/floral note.

Some Oaxacan specialties are for sale, like chapulines (grasshoppers; you may want to check out warnings about lead before you indulge) and quesillo— unless the place is running low and need them for the prepared foods. La Oaxaqueña doubles as a bakery, which makes its tortas, or sandwiches, an alluring choice as well.

vinchar started one morning with a piping hot spinach-and-cheese tamal and says “the gooey, delicious masa was the star of the show.”

And although not particularly Oaxacan, the al pastor is “very very good—not super wet, but lots of dry-spice, and slightly larger pieces than what you get at Taqueria San Jose,” says Dave MP. This comes from a taco stand set up in front on at least some evenings. In addition to al pastor, there’s carne asada (just OK) and lengua. Tacos are $1.50 each and come with extra hot grilled chiles, grilled onions, and radishes.

La Oaxaqueña [Mission]
2128 Mission Street, San Francisco

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