BeanTownGolfer is craving fresh homemade pasta, but (understandably!) finds it “a hassle” to make it from scratch and wonders if anyone knows where to buy pasta by the sheet. Chowhounds have some recommendations.

Several hounds, including pamalamb, love Dave’s Fresh Pasta, where they roll out pasta to whatever thickness the customer wants, and will cut the pasta too if you wish. “They’re sold as lasagna, but they roll the dough out when you purchase,” says pamalamb. “In the past, I have asked them just to give me a hunk of dough, and I’ve rolled it out at home.” Dave’s offers different pasta flavors, each made fresh that day.

opinionatedchef talks up the “wonderful old fashioned velvety non-extrusion pasta sheets at Bella Ravioli in Medford,” and several hounds mention that if all else fails, Whole Foods has been known to sell the soft stuff fresh.

Dave’s Fresh Pasta [Davis Square]
81 Holland Street (near Irving Street), Somerville

Bella Ravioli [South Medford]
369 Main Street (at Harvard Street), Medford

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