For clean-tasting, Northern Vietnamese-style pho, Pho Hanoi is “where it’s at,” says DezzerSF. “The taste is very simple, a light beefiness, with a nice balance of ginger and fish sauce, and none of the spices like anise or clove found in its Southern counterpart.”

Northerners also prefer thick noodles, and here they’re silky-fresh. Thin noodles are available if you prefer. For meats, tenderized beef is the way to go, although you don’t get a lot of it. Try it with thickly cut tendon, perfectly cooked, with good flavor and a bit of bite. This combo is way better than brisket or tripe, which are kind of meh.

You can get pho ga, or chicken pho, with intestines, which sounds like the real deal that usually comes with liver, gizzards, and unborn eggs. It’s not clear whether the unborn eggs are still part of pho ga, but yimster notes that he had a side order of intestines two months ago, and that came with two unborn eggs.

Pho Hanoi [South Bay]
1759 E. Capitol Expressway, San Jose

Board Link: Pho Ha Noi, San Jose

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