If you think everything’s better with bacon, then Bacon Salt might be for you. It’s actually bacon-free, vegetarian, and kosher, and, according to rockycat, relatively low in sodium. But how does it taste?

danhole thinks Original flavor tastes most like bacon, while Hickory tastes more like liquid smoke. danhole’s favorite is the Peppered flavor, in soups, sprinkled on steak (especially Hickory or Peppered), on mac ’n’ cheese, in cheese grits, and in beans. “I’m a big fan, but just a dab will do you,” says danhole. “You can use too much, so you have to beware.”

Some other ways to use it: leanneabe sprinkles it over deviled eggs and adds it to scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, and buttered popcorn. Clarkafella recommends using it in a turkey sandwich with mayo on white bread, a “truly outstanding” combo, agrees alkapal.

Not everyone’s a fan, though. oldbaycupcake finds it very smoky, with a chemical aftertaste rather than a solid bacon flavor. And pikawicca recommends getting your hands on artisanal Japanese smoked sea salt, which has a deep, complex smoke flavor.

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