Pa Pa Walk serves Taiwanese street food. Pa Pa means “all over town” in Taiwanese, so Pa Pa Walk means something like “walk all over town,” says pleasurepalate. It’s a fitting name, because Pa Pa Walk serves the stuff you would normally grab from a stall or a cart on the streets of Taiwan.

The menu is massive, with about a hundred items, not counting beverages or dessert. They serve coffin bread, a Taiwanese dish reminiscent of clam chowder in a bread bowl. It’s made of toasted, hollowed-out bread filled with creamy vegetable chowder. You break off bits of the bread walls as you eat your way through the soup. “Amazingly enough, even as we ate towards the bottom of this bread box, the bread still retained is crispy, toasty qualities,” says pleasurepalate. This is pure comfort food, for “those colder months of the year when you want and need some warmth going into all your nooks and crannies.”

Food here is good pretty much across the board. There is slightly sweet grilled Taiwanese sausage, especially satisfying with a bit of raw garlic. There is nice barbecued duck with crispy skin, and light, delicate sole-and-cilantro dumplings.

Stir-fried napa cabbage with dried fish is great; the dried fish adds just the right amount of saltiness, says pleasurepalate. And the deep-fried oysters and deep-fried chicken roll are both wonderful.

Pa Pa Walk [San Gabriel Valley]
227 W. Valley Boulevard #148B, San Gabriel

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