I stopped by the Fatted Calf at the Oxbow Public Market in Napa and had an amazing roasted lamb sandwich. It was pretty simple too: thin slices of roast lamb sirloin, arugula, a nice roll, and what looked to be roasted tomatoes. I also thought that maybe they had drizzled vinaigrette over it since the bread would squish a little bit of richly flavored olive oil out when I took a bite. I went back and asked what exactly was on the sandwich, and the woman at the counter said it wasn’t vinaigrette but a homemade aioli. The way the aioli melted into the bread and permeated the meat was amazing, and made me remember how a little homemade touch like that can make all the difference in a dish, even a sandwich.

Fatted Calf at the Oxbow Public Market
644 C First Street, Napa, California

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