Kozy Shack has some new flavors!

Black Forest is the usual chocolate pudding, with black cherries at the bottom. Cherries Jubilee is vanilla pudding with black cherries. Caitlin McGrath found the cherries to be of good quality, but the effect was just too sweet.

Lgoodwood tried Kozy Shack’s Bananas Foster and found it delicious, but a bit heavy on the cinnamon.

Their coffee pudding has been around for a while. The natural coffee flavor is light (think Breyer’s coffee ice cream) but true.

Of course, Kozy Shack rice pudding is an old standby, and very tasty. The regular rice pudding is like what you’d probably make at home, and the one called “European” has more spice.

There’s also a Kozy Shack by Request line of puddings with no sugar added.

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