Rachael Ray is scheduled to have throat surgery nine days before Christmas, and the blogs are snarking out about it. Eat Me Daily’s response is typical: “While the alleged reason for the surgery is that Ray needs to get rid of a benign lump in her throat, we prefer to think of it as a medical intervention to get her to shut the hell up.”

It turns out that Ray’s characteristic mildly hoarse voice, which drives some people batty and charms others, is the result of a throat polyp, perhaps exacerbated by frequent screaming of “Yum-o!”

“My problem is: I talk and get overly excited,” Ray told USA Today. “I’m breathing wrong. I’ve bruised my vocal chords. And I never shut up long enough for that to heal. They’re going to try to teach me how to speak properly.”

With softball set-ups like that, it’s a wonder the blogs haven’t been even more out of control.

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