Previously, astronauts wanting to enjoy their morning coffee in a zero-gravity environment were forced to suck it from a bag. And as we all know, bags are for doughnuts, not coffee!

As shown in a NASA video found via Boing Boing, a recent discovery involving a specially shaped cup now makes it possible for astronauts to have a cuppa in space.

The shape of the cup, which is similar to an airplane wing, takes advantage of surface tension forces that make the liquid “stick” to one edge. In fact, drinking liquid from the cup in zero gravity is even easier than drinking liquid on Earth, because the liquid wicks up to the drinker’s mouth “to the last drop,” says astronaut Dr. Don Pettit.

Next, someone needs to create a doughnut-holes-as-edible-asteroids video in space. Needs to, I tells ya!

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