Café Saint-Honore is like a little patch of Mediterranean France in the East Bay. The currant macaron ($1) is “crisp, creamy, tangy, sweet and deeply flavored,” says rworange. “I’ve never had a shell on a macaron that had such a delicate crunch to it like that with a light, lovely, melty center.” They are very small, about quarter-sized. The canelé ($2) is also top-notch.

The lunch menu is mostly salads and baguette sandwiches, plus croque monsieur and “chien chaud,” a Frenched-up hot dog on a baguette with bechamel sauce and Gruyère. Looks like they’re setting up some French grocery items in one corner as well. Sunny and cozy, the place is open from 6 a.m. to midnight and also features Ici ice cream and very good, strong coffee—labeled “frog fuel.”

Café Saint-Honore [East Bay]
862 San Pablo Avenue, Albany

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