Handmade tortillas are always a rarity in Los Angeles; most of the tortillas are fresh but come from local factories. Even rarer are taco trucks that make their tortillas by hand. But we found a few:

hambriento clues us in on the first truck. It’s on Vermont, a couple of blocks south of Santa Monica, just north of Lockwood. “They have hand-made tortillas, and good ones, at that,” says hambriento. They have massive quesadillas, stuffed with delights like huitlacoche, flor de calabaza, and hongos with epazote. Carne asada and cabeza are only OK, but chorizo is especially good. The truck shows up at 6 p.m. every day except Monday. That truck definitely makes tortillas by hand. Sometimes, it’s already made a few, and has a stack sitting around. But if you come late, when there’s a crowd, you’ll almost certainly get them freshly pressed.

There’s a truck at the corner of Sunset and Logan that also does handmade tortillas. “In a word, divine,” says troublemaker. Don’t confuse it with the other taco truck that shares the same intersection; the good truck is the one near the big supermarket.

The famed Gorditas Lupita truck is another source for fresh-made tortillas and other masa products.

Unnamed taco truck at Vermont and Lockwood [Mid-City]
On Vermont Avenue, just north of Lockwood Avenue
No phone number available

Unnamed taco truck at Sunset and Logan [Mid-City]
Corner of Sunset Boulevard and Logan Street
No phone number available

Gorditas Lupita [East of Hollywood]
Eagle Rock Boulevard at Avenue 34

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