An old post on finding British food in the Boston area has been updated with a new resource for those seeking UK-style edibles. KO Catering and Pies is a truck that’s slinging Australian pies in Southie every day but Monday. For pie nitpickers, Australian meat pies are somewhat like a steak-and-kidney pie, served warm, with a juicy meat filling and a pastry top.

phatchris says KO has “really good savory pies and sausage rolls. I had the classic beef which was awesome, buttery, flaky crust filled with nicely seasoned ground beef.” Also on the menu: Vegemite on “crusty sourdough, which was my first taste of the powerful stuff,” says phatchris.

“Is Boston ready for vegemite? Is anyone?” asks Bob Dobalina. I guess we’ll see.

KO is in the spot formerly occupied by St. Alphonzo’s Kitchen; it won’t move from place to place, even though it’s a truck.

KO Catering and Pies [South Boston]
87 A Street, Boston
No phone available

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