Kodachrome film is going away! So we bought some of the last rolls of it (thanks, eBay), shot a nostalgic holiday menu, and got it developed before the last processing center in the world stops processing the film at the end of 2010.

You know how holiday memories always look like old-fashioned film? That film is Kodachrome, and Eastman Kodak discontinued it last year. Unless you are a photo geek, a Paul Simon fan, or old enough to have used the film yourself, the name might not mean anything. But maybe it should. All those cool slides your parents took of the family vacation to the Grand Canyon in ’68? That famous photo from National Geographic of the Afghan girl with the penetrating green eyes? The loop of film played over and over again after JFK’s assassination? It was all done on Kodachrome. The film brought color photography to the masses, enrobing our collective and personal memories in its saturated, a-little-too-contrasty, slightly amplified colors.

In an homage to this iconic film, we present the Last Kodachrome Christmas.

And read about what happened behind the scenes of the Kodachrome shoot, including side-by-side comparisons of the digital version and Kodachrome version of each shot.

Food and prop styling: Jill Santopietro, Amy Wisniewski, and Christine Gallary
Set styling: Jill Santopietro, Amy Wisniewski, Christine Gallary, Chris Rochelle, and Jeremy LaCroix
Photography: Chris Rochelle

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