Chowhound Bkeats has been subsisting upon deliveries of Teresa’s stuffed cabbage, the Fatoosh grilled chicken platter, and Joya pad Thai, but is seeking new options. (We’ll admit that we have a horse in this race; that’s our neck of the woods!) We already chimed in about the decent pho at Nicky’s and the banh mi at Hanco’s, but those are out by Boerum Hill. Any more gems lurking in the Heights itself? Stop gawking at that gorgeous Manhattan skyline from the promenade for a sec and help a neighbor out!

Teresa’s [Brooklyn Heights]
80 Montague Street, Brooklyn

Fatoosh [Brooklyn Heights]
330 Hicks Street, Brooklyn

Joya [Cobble Hill]
215 Court Street, Brooklyn

Nicky’s [Boerum Hill]
311 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

Hanco’s [Boerum Hill]
85 Bergen Street, Brooklyn

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