Amidst the non-shocking news that Whole Foods’ profits have taken a precipitous slide during these shaky economic times, grocery stores that offer shoppers bargain prices are looking pretty good right now to creeped-out consumers. Though Los Angeles-based grocery chain Trader Joe’s is a private company and doesn’t have to release sales data, with consumers eating out less often, they’ve gotta get their food from somewhere. And TJ’s bounty of packaged and prepared culinary delights is a heck of a lot easier to stomach than a Banquet frozen meal.

If you need help choosing items from TJ’s many proprietary offerings, Trader Joe’s Fan and Tracking Trader Joe’s are there for you, with dozens of product reviews. Trader Joe’s Fan even has a forum for those wishing to whine about discontinued lines. Ah, frozen butternut squash ravioli, how I miss you.

By the way, if you’re looking for TJ’s products to avoid, Chowhounds have the 411 on that.

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