Staten Island Chowhounds were recently depicted as “like the elusive Unicorn, there are so few of us around” by Tay, with a virtual sigh.

Take heart, SI hounds! We’re seeing more of you on the boards all the time, most recently to brag about your pizza. Joe & Pat’s, Denino’s, Nunzio’s, and Goodfella’s are the names we’ve seen the most—names that make us crave a pie-and-Scorsese-flick night, stat!

Staten Island has also come up in a recent thread sure to raise hackles: I’ve done DiFara’s but who is #2. Leaving aside the question of whether Di Fara is really numero uno (Grimaldi’s and Lucali fans have their hackles up), for pizza devotees who don’t fear Staten Island or the free ferry that will get them there, it sounds like a bit of a weekend walkabout might be in order.

Joe & Pat’s [Castleton Corners]
1758 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island

Denino’s [Port Richmond]
524 Port Richmond Avenue, Staten Island

Nunzio’s [Grant City]
2155 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island

Goodfella’s [Castleton Corners]
1817 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island

Di Fara [Midwood]
1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn

Grimaldi’s [Dumbo]
19 Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn

Lucali [Carroll Gardens]
575 Henry Street, Brooklyn

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I’ve done DiFara’s but who is #2

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