When you let melted butter cook until it turns the color of toasted nuts, you’ve got brown butter, an irresistible ingredient with a deep, nutty flavor that enhances foods both savory and sweet.

Brown butter makes a simple sauce for filled pasta or gnocchi; it is classically paired with sage or with hazelnuts. Island likes pasta with brown butter, sautéed mushrooms, and mizithra cheese. This brown butter pumpkin mac ‘n’ cheese is “comfort food but definitely elevated by the brown butter,” says stomsf.

Brown butter is an excellent dressing for sautéed or baked fish or scallops, or tossed with vegetables such as fresh corn, asparagus, cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts, with or without the addition of nuts, fresh herbs, or lemon juice. Try brown butter in mashed potatoes or mashed sweet potatoes.

Many types of baked goods benefit from brown butter, from simple to elegant. Try using brown butter in Rice Krispies Treats, suggests kattyeyes. “It’s the old-school recipe from the side of the Rice Krispies box, with just one additional tablespoon of butter, browned…oh and a sprinkling of salt, too,” she says. “Damn, but they go down easy!” “ALWAYS used browned butter when making pecan pie. It’s noticeable,” says kemi5.

The absolute best application for brown butter is Suzanne Goin’s hazelnut brown butter cake, topped with chocolate ganache, says Pia. hhicks thinks these brown butter blueberry muffins are fantastic.

Cookies may be the most popular vehicle for brown butter. “I have made this recipe many times now and it is to-die-for,” says karykat of spoon cookies. “This is my gift for friends going on trips or events,” she says. “I store them in tins. The flavor intensifies after a couple days stored.” chowser says these brown butter toffee blondies are always a crowd-pleaser, and kattyeyes loves seasonally appropriate pumpkin cookies with brown butter icing.

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