Gritted bread is a “staple food of my childhood,” says vtnewbie. “During that period in late summer when the field corn was not dry enough yet for cornmeal, we often made gritted bread.” To make gritted bread, mature ears of corn, not quite dry enough to make cornmeal, are rasped along a grater—or, for lack of a grater, a sheet of tin pierced with nails to resemble a very large nutmeg grater.

“The milky, starchy, semi-ground corn mass” is then mixed with eggs, some flour, a dash of soda, and baked in a well-greased pan, says vtnewbie. “Crusty/crispy on the outside, a little gooey and slightly sweet on the inside, with excellent corny flavor. This was a wonderful foil for other summer garden truck served as a meal: quick pickles, sliced tomatoes, graveled potatoes, maybe some chicken-fried venison if we were lucky.”

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