“Seriously, I thought I invented this when I was a kid,” says rworange of the baked bean sandwich. But she’s found recipes dating back to 1909. She likes a simple sandwich of “warm baked beans between two slices of white bread”— especially of the Wonder Bread kind. ChrisOC likes baked beans on a bagel, and laliz likes the version she learned in home ec, with tomato, crispy bacon slices, and American cheese-enriched white sauce (you eat it with a fork and knife).

Passadumkeg likes bean sandwiches where both the beans and the bread come out of a can—that is, made with B&M canned beans and B&M canned brown bread. Two cans and one can opener: “So different and such comfort,” says Passadumkeg.

Baked beans on toast are a treat in the UK as well, though smartie point out that “we Brits love everything on toast!!” smartie’s favorite is beans on toast with fried eggs on top and “loads of brown sauce.”

“Also have you tried breaking an egg into the pot of beans while they are simmering, then scooping up the whole thing and putting it on toast?” suggests starlady. “Side of hot sauce and I’m in heaven.”

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