It’s no news to anyone that national fro-yo chains like Pinkberry are booming, and local knockoff BerryLine does all right for itself. But folks on the board claim that Mixx Frozen Yogurt is where it’s really at. Toppings, particularly the fruit, are of surpassing quality, and since you serve yourself and pay by weight, you can load on as much as you like. “I never have to have a bite without at least one mochi. Awesome,” crows mochi fan Dave MP.

The yogurt flavors run the gamut from wonderful to “spit it out.” “Tart raspberry was excellent,” Dave says. “Lychee was disgusting, banana was even more disgusting, and watermelon tasted like Bubblicious watermelon gum, which was just weird.”

Jenny Ondioline is a big fan of the plain yogurt, nice and tart. And both Jenny and Dave enjoyed the taro: “on-par with the best soft-serve taro yogurt I’ve had in the Bay Area. And it is indeed purple,” says Dave.

Mixx Frozen Yogurt [Allston]
66 Brighton Avenue, Boston

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