Upper East Siders count Gajyumaru among their best options for sushi. But no one had told us about the burger. Deenso spills the secret about her favorite dish here, a delicious grilled beef patty, served only at lunchtime, that gets a lift from a tart, ponzulike sauce. This is not a hamburger, as Americans think of it, but a hambagu, the bunless Japanese version.

More traditional Japanese food—cooked dishes as well as sushi—remains excellent and reasonably priced, MMRuth reports. She singles out amazingly rich gindara kasuzuke—sable marinated in miso and sake lees, then broiled. “Much as I like Tokubei 86,” she adds, citing another neighborhood favorite, “I think I like this place better.”

Gajyumaru [Upper East Side]
1659 First Avenue (between E. 86th and 87th streets), Manhattan

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