Bolivian food is hard to find, but noahbites has uncovered some at Beba’s & Gilmore’s. The place may look like your normal American diner, but look again—there are South American baked goods at the counter, and if you ask, there’s a special Bolivian menu.

The glory here is the saltena. These are gorgeous, golden pockets of sweet bread, stuffed with ground beef, chicken, peas, egg, potatoes, and spicy red sauce, and served fresh from the oven. The best way to eat them is to drop a little salsa into the filling through the ventilation hole. “The crunch on the outside, the sweetness mixed with the meat and spice; it’s got the total package,” says noahbites.

Try the beef soup, too, with gentle beef broth, a hunk of beef on the bone, and carrots, purple potatoes, hominy, and Bolivian rehydrated potatoes. “Warming, satisfying, and further proof that soup is one of the best things in the world,” says noahbites, who also favors the humitas—a tender mass of cornmeal with crisp, blackened edges.

Beba’s & Gilmore’s [Orange County]
1909 East Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim

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