Lotu and Lita’s Polynesian Restaurant is a Chowhound’s dream, says GAF: a no-frills place featuring the little-seen Samoan, Tongan, and Fijian cuisines. There’s no Spam or little paper umbrellas in sight; half a dozen specials are prepared daily and kept on the steam table. The flavorful lamb with taro leaves (lupulu) is worth a drive, says GAF. There’s also a mild, fragrant lamb curry, mussels with coconut milk, tuna with coconut, beef chop suey, fried fish, and turkey tail teriyaki. Sides include taro and cooked banana, which are both pretty much like potato. The dishes GAF tried were all flavorful, and it’s worth exploring.

Lotu and Lita’s Polynesian Restaurant [Peninsula]
2150 University Avenue, East Palo Alto

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