Who makes the best pecan pies in Los Angeles? First up is a completely new suggestion, to my ears. Porch Pies makes really good, traditional Southern pie, says 420 Reasons to eat. There’s no storefront; these folks bake their pies out of their home and deliver them to you. Delivery is free in Studio City. Both the pecan pie and chocolate chess pie are delightful.

Pie ’n Burger makes picture-perfect pecan pie, says JeetJet: large, fresh pecans, baked a little crunchy, and an ideally complementary crust. It is, agrees sbritchky, an outstanding pecan pie. This is your classic pecan-on-top, lots-of-filling pie.

Apple Pan has a fantastic pecan pie. At both Apple Pan and Pie ’n Burger, you should get your slice topped with fresh whipped cream, urges kevin. “The harmony that unfolds between the whipped cream and the rich, mapley sweetness of the roasted pecans is a thing of utter beauty.”

Jongewaard’s Bake ’n Broil serves great pecan pie, says JeetJet. The crust is special, the best in Los Angeles; the filling is perfect; and the pecans are crunchy and fresh. And Jongewaard’s pie has a higher ratio of pecans to filling than most folks’. The burger special is a massive value: a great burger, a slice of pie, and a drink for about $8.50—about half of what you’d pay at Pie ’n Burger or Apple Pan.

If you’re not feeling the pecan, there are other great pies at these joints. Says ReelMike84, “I’d only order the pecan pie from Apple Pan if I was allergic to bananas and unable to eat their amazing banana cream pie. But even then, I think the few moments of sweet deliciousness are well worth the throat closure.” Berry and cherry cream pies are excellent, says sel. But don’t get the apple pie, says kevin. And some folks don’t like Apple Pan’s chocolate cream pie—filled with what is obviously instant chocolate pudding.

Jongewaard’s Bake ’n Broil, however, is brilliant at cream pies. The banana cream pie is special, says JeetJet. They do a fine job with cake too: Red velvet, chocolate, and German chocolate are all tasty. And the lemon lush pie “is maybe the best pie in L.A.,” according to JeetJet.

Porch Pies [San Fernando Valley–East]
No physical address; delivery only in Studio City

Pie ’n Burger [San Gabriel Valley]
913 East California Boulevard, Pasadena

Apple Pan [Westside–Inland]
10801 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles

Jongewaard’s Bake ’n Broil [South Bay]
3697 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach

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